Why Use Essential Oils

Maybe essential oils are new to you.  I first started to use essential oils in 1999. I thought they smelled nice and I knew grapefruit and peppermint could help me to stay awake while driving.

I didn’t realize the bigger benefits when you use essential oils, so I lost touch with them. I only recently got back to them this year in 2013. The reason? I had a health problem that numerous doctors, chiropractors, back surgeons, massage therapists, and Reiki practitioners couldn’t fix.  Radiating pain from a pinched nerve down my left arm. It would bring tears to my eyes.   Someone suggested that I use essential oils for the pain. Deep Blue Rub was my gateway oil into the world of DoTerra. It helped with my pain. I new my life was out of balance, and I realized I could use essential oils to help with my emotions and stress.

Even if you do not have the sense of smell, they can still produce powerful emotional responses. Because the use of essential oils is for much more than their pretty smells. Throughout history use of essential oils has included:

  • medicinal and therapeutic benefits
  • natural alternatives in holistic self-care practices

Ways to use essential oils

  • aromatically (opening the bottle, cupping your hand, on a tissue, with a diffuser)
  • topically to the skin (sometimes you must dilute for sensitive skin)
  • ingestion (certain oils only)

What are essential oils

They are natural aromatic compounds found in the seeds, bark, stems, roots, and flowers of plants.


We will be posting more ways to use essential oils, and invite you to ask questions.

If you are interested, you could submit a questionnaire on what health issues you are interested in learning about how the use of essential oils can help.

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