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Welcome to Karma Oils!

Welcome to Karma Oils!

Our website contains information on using essential oils to enhance your well-being, mood, and health. We will share our personal stories such as how we keep lavender on hand to help with burns, and peppermint and grapefruit for energy boosts.  We will share studies on essential oils being used in various ways.

Many people have found benefits with essential oils and get excited about sharing their good experiences. Unfortunately some have made claims about cures for certain ills, which is not kosher with the FDA, causing enforcement of marketing with essential oil companies.

We have removed all references where certain oils providers have published papers or made claims because they are concerned with their branding being used in such a manner.

We make every effort to source studies and make clear we are not claiming essential.

The FDA regulates synthetic drugs, many of which are made to mimic the properties of essential oils.  Unfortunately, synthetic drugs tend to have a long list of side effects, not quite copying nature exactly.

Here is a short list of articles and books related to healing properties of essential oils, synthetic drugs versus essential oils, and the FDA regulations.


Please feel free to contact us by phone or online, and we can discuss options on ordering oils from one of our suppliers.